1. Archytek Jarvislain 3:54
  2. The MacGuffin Jarvislain 9:01
  3. Sad Guffy Jarvislain feat. Biora Kim 3:51
  4. Song For Cali Jarvislain 4:08
  5. Archytek Reboot Jarvislain 3:54

The Story

As I said, Pandora suffers the influences of two moons.
Archytek was founded by Pandorians. If MM suffers from his dependence on absolute control, Archytek suffers from his superiority complex, at least that is what One says. Still it would be necessary to be able to verify by itself. And for that, it would still be necessary to be able to go there.

Behind the Scene

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Artist :
Title : Archytek
Release Date : August 2, 2010
Label :
Catalog ref. : MDRT03
Format : Digital Download

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