LODLS should be considered as the final episode before the start, or the end of the beginning. Humans are ready to leave the earth. The adventure, the real one, begins.

20100 introduces the theme of the new generation AI, able to feel and think.
Renamed since 20V100, it is the onboard computer that will guide humans in their long journey. Everything is told from its prospective.

Behind the Scene

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Artist :
Title : LODLS
Release Date : November 30, 2018
Label :
Catalog ref. : MDRT07
Format : Digital Download

“A rather lo-fi sound structure, vaporous, between electro and rock, a hyper-interesting variation with shoegaze, new wave and indie propensities.In short, a stimulating and somewhat confusing form of iconoclastic music, highly inspired. “
Boulimique De Musique

“French Autechre meets hip hop with hypnotically vocals”
Rose Winston

“Yum, feels like Hype Williams, Beck, Air, Massive Attack, Norman Cook, Aphex Twin, Damon Albarn and Groove Armada had an Italo Disco baby that grew up to be a mad deity of slick fusions – my brain time warped nine consecutive times – more please ✝️”
Anthropomorphic Optiks