1. Money Moon Jarvislain 3:04
  2. Seekcity Jarvislain 4:12
  3. Money Moon (Rush Aware Edit) Jarvislain 3:14

The Story

In medicine and psychology, an obsession is a symptom that results in an idea or feeling that imposes itself on the subject’s consciousness that feels constricting and absurd, but fails to chase him despite his efforts for it.

Pandora is under the influence of two moons.
One is Archytek, the other Money Moon.
For the second, it’s not his official name.
Some here say that it is from there that the Pandorians come.
All hope one day to be able to go on Archytek.

Behind the Scene

I lived for three years in flat sharing with other musicians, like those who play 24 hours a day. It was great. It was inspiring. Motivating.
I worked in a bar, for the money.
I sold shit to strangers, for the money.

I am completely broke.
I should probably sell the only thing of value I have, my saxophone.

That’s what Money Moon is, this little nothing that hangs constantly above us and with which we must accomodate.
I hate this moon.

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Money Moon

Artist :
Title : Money Moon
Release Date : May 31, 2010
Label :
Catalog ref. : MDRT02
Format : Digital Download