The Story

At Seekcity, everyone drinks Bryanus, as often as the radio is on. Everyone does it everywhere, and those who refuse are suspicious. In the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room, by car, on the bus, the consumption of Bryanus is obligatory.
For you, to picture it : The annual Great Bryanus Victory Ceremony celebrates the best Bryanus producers.
Meanwhile, a small world survives. There people drink champagne, great wines, they eat well while listening to music Sublime and Poetic.
A kid discovers this world and becomes a marginal. The more his consumption of Bryanus goes down, the more his vision becomes Sublime and Poetic. He discovers the Infraordinary while the asphyxiating overwhelming majority lives in the Intraordinary. They are literally killing each other.

Nothing to do with money, it’s a matter of taste.

The Bryanus is expensive while Sublime Foods are bought for nothing on LODLA.

Behind the Scene

I started music by playing alto saxophone with bands, many bands.

Two of them were really cool. One of them really matters. This one was called Bell Organ.

I wanted to join the Royal Conservatory of Brussels but I didn’t passed the exam. I felt bad about it. I should be depressed.
I remember a girl I met in a party organized in honor of all failed exams (no one had been accepted that year, or maybe I only knew loosers..).
She did not care :

It was just an alibi for my parents to leave me alone, she told me. Now I’m going to really do what I really like.

I decided to do the same.
I had always wanted to record my own music. That’s what I did, keeping some Bell Organ’s spirit.

Doing it, I realize I wasn’t a jazzman anyway. I like and admire Steve Coleman but records that inspired me most were Pink Flyod’s ones : in fact, my father’s records.
Enjoying so much the process, I wrote songs, played guitar, synths. Something happened.

For a year with a cheap microphone, an almost dying computer, my alto saxophone and some pieces of advices I received from recording engineers I was working with as saxophonist (I was still recording for bands and touring), I create my first tape.

I have to admit, it gives me so much fun, I felt my life was taking a new way, I started to follow another path.
I openned the box : it became Pandora’s E.P and I became Jarvislain.


Choux à la Crème

Un côté Clyde
Un côté Geek

Mon âme est parfois un peu floue

Fragile de cœur, mais dur à cuire
J’suis un peu crème et un peu choux

J’mets d’la poésie dans mes refrains
Chanson d’amour, je sais pas faire

J’aurais voulu être gangster

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Artist :
Title : Pandora
Release Date : December 16, 2008
Label :
Catalog ref. : MDRT01
Format : Digital Download